VIL has a Health and Safety policy for its employees. All employees of VIL are covered by Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) which is a statutory body run by the State Government and is fully responsible for health and for providing medical facilities to employees. The contribution equivalent to 4.75% of wages by employer and 1.75% wages by employees is deposited with ESIC every month.

ESIC runs hospitals situated 8 KM away from the factory. The doctors, qualified in different areas of medical service, are available in the hospital, round the clock.

VIL has installed fully stocked FIVE First Aid Boxes at the Main Gate, First Floor, Second Floor, Emergency Treatment room and Boiler, Total 27 employees are trained by Qualified Doctors of the Indian Red Cross Society, Navsari for first aid.

It is the duty of Technicians and Maintenance Engineers to check and inspect regularly that machine guards, provided by the machine manufacturers are properly fitted on the machines. This is also inspected by the Factory Inspector, during his visit.

All pressure vessel plants are checked and confirmed as 'safe' by a Government approved competent person once in a year and statutory form No.11 is filled by them.

Personal protective equipment like goggles and protective gloves are given for the relevant jobs.

VIL has 'Disposal of broken needle and other knitting element policy', where by all broken needles/knitting elements are returned to stores and in replacement fresh needles/elements are issued. 100% checking of socks is done in knitting, turning and inspection to prevent passing of metallic parts into socks.

VIL gives special emphasis to see that the working areas remain clean and free from oil or other contamination. Galvanized trays are kept below machines to collect excess oil.

Knitting Department has humidification and ventilation plant with 48 air changes per hour. Finishing Department has adiabatic cooling plant with 19 air changes per hour. This equipment result in the desired human comfort condition.