Production Manager and two Senior Engineers had undergone extensive and in-depth training in Italy at the Factory of the Machinery Supplier, Lonati Spa. Lance Free Italian technicians are also employed periodically by the company to upgrade knitting and quality standards.

Maintenance Engineer was sent to the respective suppliers of Utilities Equipment to take training.

In Knitting, there are training manuals identifying the faults in the socks and the setting changes that could eliminate the problem. Periodically, classes are conducted to upgrade the technician's basic knowledge. Written tests are also used to learn of the areas in which each technician needs additional training. Whenever a problem or feedback is received from the customer, it is communicated to the workers for their information, with solutions where necessary.

All the new operators are required to undergo the Operative Selection Test conducted by ATIRA (Ahmedabad Textile Industries Research Association) before selection. After recruitment, they are provided 6 months "On the Job" training. Only those who could satisfactorily complete this training are retained.

Training of new recruits is the responsibility of the department head. Periodic review of the progress made by the new recruits, are carried out by the President- Works with the department head and thereafter the recruit is confirmed only after a period of six months.

VIL also gives due importance on house keeping. Operators are trained to keep their hands and place of work clean, to avoid staining/soiling of socks.