VIL is an equal opportunity employer, recruiting people over the age of 18 years only.

Minimum education starting with 10th grade for all workers is essential. A basic Industrial Technical Institute (ITI) training of 2 years is a must for all those who are operating machines. Educational skills required for the job are identified and personnel recruited accordingly. All recruits are required to pass a basic IQ test and if accepted are required to appear for skill tests essential for the nominated job. Operators are checked for Colour Blindness, Stamina, Concentration, Hand Eye Coordination, Finger Movement, Ability to understand instructions and recollect the same.

All workers understand and can read English. To familiarize the new recruits with the companys policies, there is a model standing order and an employee manual, clearly laying down the expectations of the company.

Salaries and wages are paid as per the skill and the policies of the State Government are followed. No worker draws a salary less than the minimum wage prescribed. Wages are revised every 6 months and according to the Consumer Cost Index, published by the state government. Increments based on merit are given once a year to all employees. Performance appraisal forms are used to evaluate each employee and ratings are given accordingly.

While paying wages and salaries all government and labour regulation are adhered too.

Besides wages, the workers are paid Provident Fund and are covered by the Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC).

The company maintains all records of Employees as required by different statutory agencies at all times. Separate files are maintained for each employee. Records are periodically audited and inspected by the concerned authorities during their routine visits.

Additionally, employees of the Company are contributing to an Employees Benevolent Fund by depositing a certain amount of their salary. The money collected, is used for the purpose of employees' children's education and to help them during their hospitalization, accidents, marriage of the employees or their immediate family and death of a relative.