As soon as the order is received, Job Orders and merchandizing forms are prepared by Marketing and is sent to the Plant. At the plant, the total requirement of yarn, after reviewing free stocks, indents are prepared and orders placed. Additionally, availability of required Knitting Machines and expected delivery time, are calculated and informed to Marketing, who in turn informs customers of the likely delivery dates.

The Delivery Schedules are reviewed from time to time and if there are major variances, suitable actions are being initiated. However the customers are always kept informed of such situation.

A daily 30-minute production meeting is held at 14:00 hrs, Chaired by the President-Works and is attended by the heads of all departments. In this meeting, review of important issues relating to production, raw materials, quality, maintenance, dispatch, sampling, customer feedback etc. are discussed and decisions taken.
Normally VIL has a system of carrying minimum inventories of regular running colours. VIL has a good working relation with some yarn suppliers, situated in the vicinity, for small dye lots, in both cotton, nylon and elastane yarns, for deliveries within two weeks. This helps to reduce production cycle time.

Finance and inventory tracking is fully computerized.