Sampling requests are given maximum priority and sent to the customer within 7 to 10 days. The requests are received from the customer, in one of the following formats:

- Sample socks with exact colours

- Printed Graph in pixel format

- Printed design without graphic format

- By e mail, in .bmp format in 256 colours

- Rough sketch

The customers normally provide the size specification sheet of the finished socks. Reference is taken to the dyed colour codes of VIL's dyed yarn supplier. VIL normally carries a wide range of colours in stock. At times, customers also send a yarn swatch or a Pantone strip, of the desired colour shade, which is matched exactly at the dye house.

For each sample prepared, production documents are maintained, clearly showing the machine setting, yarn used, courses to achieve for a given size, Flat and stretch measurements are recorded along with the weight and time taken per sock.

Samples, once completed, are sent for quality control approval before being forwarded to the customer. A sample of the approved socks is also maintained in the library for future reference.