Knitted socks are each checked by the operators and randomly checked by the technicians. They are segregated into acceptable, mendable and seconds. Production of each machine shift is stored in a plastic crate with clearly marked tags, showing the operator in attendance, style no., machine no., the shift and the yarn batch, for tracking. One complete dyed batch of yarn is used before another is started.

The crates, loaded with socks, are brought to the Finishing Department by Pallet truck through an Elevator.

In the finishing floor, the socks are taken up for further process i.e. linking, turning and boarding, as required. The boarded socks are stored in mobile racks and taken up for pairing within 24 hrs. All along records are maintained of the socks quantity and the stage they are at finishing; the number of first and second quality and the additional amount of socks that need to be produced to complete the order. The finished socks are put in cartons and clearly labeled as per the instructions of the customer. Each carton bears markings on the outer; identifying the carton no., style and quantity. Quality inspections are carried out at Knitting, boarding and pairing and subsequently an AQL is done when the completely packed dispatch lot is ready.

The finished socks are packed in corrugated boxes and are brought by pallet truck by Elevator, to the Ground Floor for storing and subsequently loading in trucks for dispatch.